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Episode 2 pt. 1! LIVE (and self-isolated!) in my shop adding details to my new character! 

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20 Mar 2020




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Joy A
Joy A 7 muaj më parë
Hi Jeff!!!
Vivianne Lee Carey
Vivianne Lee Carey 8 muaj më parë
Jeff, I know I’m wayyyy behind on your videos. Right now I’m struggling with building 7 dummies myself for an art show. Eye mechanicms! I worship you! The king! PLUS because what you are working on inspires me, as head of sculpture for a college, I’m hell-bent on getting a 3-d printing machine! Also it may seem as a side, but the easy-bake ovens and the like are incredibly inspiring!
Dale Walkup
Dale Walkup 8 muaj më parë
this guy should be walters niece
emily whetzel
emily whetzel 9 muaj më parë
That dino mold machine is awesome!! Have you thought about making molds of your dummy characters?
Sherri Elson
Sherri Elson 9 muaj më parë
I remember that machine at SeaWorld in 1969 in CA.. I believe you could get a dolphin or a whale.. I'm pushing sixty now so my memory isn't so good lol
Sherri Elson
Sherri Elson 9 muaj më parë
I vote for Terri the Troll 😄😄😄
dannie Pedersen
dannie Pedersen 9 muaj më parë
Corona is a Hoax, DOnt Exist !
Samuel Wyrick
Samuel Wyrick 9 muaj më parë
More laughs! You're so Mechanically Talented & yet it appears some Technology eludes you😂 You can maintain that Sinclair injection machine & make eyes roll in the new guy but not how to unlock screen rotation on your phone! I am admiring you well equipped shop. Great toys & I'm jealous! 👍👍
Linda L Cinelli
Linda L Cinelli 9 muaj më parë
Hi Jeff!
Freddy Fernando Gonzalez ふる
Cool garage Jeff Dunham I like the new character you made I will love to see him in your next stand up comedy when the coronavirus is go away.
Douglas Pacyon
Douglas Pacyon 9 muaj më parë
Larry was introduced in Buffalo,NY by Jeff's own words 4-22 [jeff's birthday] not Dallas! This was in 2018 in Buffalo. Stay safe Jeff Fans and to all Amwricans!
Wade Maltsberger
Wade Maltsberger 9 muaj më parë
I remember as kid I would go down to San Antonio in the summer and visit with my family and every year go to the San Antonio Zoo. And remember the plastic animals machine. Boy I wish I still had them. Thanks Jeff.
Joseph Alsobrook
Joseph Alsobrook 9 muaj më parë
hi Jeff
Joseph Alsobrook
Joseph Alsobrook 9 muaj më parë
hi Jeff Dunham i got ask i what to know that should i move on from Denise Ryal but I Love her Jeff Dunham
Saul Jaffe
Saul Jaffe 9 muaj më parë
Correction: The Sinclair dinosaur machine was at the 1964 World's Fair in NY, in Flushing Meadows. I remember the machine, and I got one of the dinosaurs. There was another machine in the science exhibit (I've forgotten who sponsored it) that did the same thing creating a spaceship. IIRC, it was also where the It's a Small World exhibit first appeared that eventually made its way to Disneyworld.
bryan rogers
bryan rogers 9 muaj më parë
i really love your channel but was wandering the name of your newest character of your show. my favorites of your normal peeps are Walter and Peanut. keep on keeping on jeff.
John Mclarry
John Mclarry 9 muaj më parë
ThirstyRabbit Tanks2U
ThirstyRabbit Tanks2U 9 muaj më parë
I’m from Australia and I’ve never seen a cool think like that
Angela Claxton
Angela Claxton 9 muaj më parë
They used to have those at the Memphis zoo! I used to have a whole collection of wax animals, lol!
Tinkerer 9 muaj më parë
Jeff D. is the bomb an by the way I love the laptop
gene hollingsworth
gene hollingsworth 9 muaj më parë
Would love to have one of dinos. Do you sell them?
Lexie Ramos
Lexie Ramos 9 muaj më parë
Soooo cool! 🦕
Lynn Ruley
Lynn Ruley 9 muaj më parë
I knew exactly what that machine does .. my brother would drive my dad crazy to make him a dinosaur... thanks for the memories
Robin Taylor
Robin Taylor 9 muaj më parë
I love Peanut, would you ever make him as a sell-able puppet?
linder692002 10 muaj më parë
Hey Jeff its bubba Jays cousin Corona LOL
Brenda Adkins
Brenda Adkins 10 muaj më parë
looks like Popeye grumpy off snow white Jeff you are so talented
Owen Creed
Owen Creed 10 muaj më parë
My mom was a hostess at the 1967/68 worlds fair in Montreal.
Thomas Daily
Thomas Daily 10 muaj më parë
I remember those wax molding machines from when I was a kid!
James Hutchins
James Hutchins 10 muaj më parë
Love them. Had each of the dinosaurs they make. Plastic
W. Hackett
W. Hackett 10 muaj më parë
Great job guys. Thanks for keeping us all sane.. God Bless.
C Shane Walter
C Shane Walter 10 muaj më parë
When I was young they had these machines at the zoo in Salt Lake City i've always wanted one of these machines but they've always been either broken or too much money it'd be cool if they bring him back i'm such a dork.
Mike Cassidy
Mike Cassidy 10 muaj më parë
Hey Jeff
Michael H.
Michael H. 10 muaj më parë
i actually used the dino wax machine on a class trip to the tar pits when i lived in victorville
Hunter Cunningham
Hunter Cunningham 10 muaj më parë
Debenham how can I get puppets just like you?
Hunter Cunningham
Hunter Cunningham 10 muaj më parë
What was your favorite when you grow up as a child?
Hunter Cunningham
Hunter Cunningham 10 muaj më parë
What was your favorite show you did with your puppets?
Hunter Cunningham
Hunter Cunningham 10 muaj më parë
What was the best place you did ventriloquism?
Patrick Nicolucci
Patrick Nicolucci 10 muaj më parë
68' worlds fair was in Texas, NY worlds fair was 1964 in Flushing Queens NY I remember the machine from Palisades park in NJ they had the Disney Molds.
Adam Rosenboom
Adam Rosenboom 10 muaj më parë
That's a neat keyboard. Is that an iPad and keyboard or is that an actual laptop?
Shelby Ellis
Shelby Ellis 10 muaj më parë
Ugh when I have money your sold out
Shelby Ellis
Shelby Ellis 10 muaj më parë
Hope to see a show soon. Your sold out in dayton
Natasha Harvey
Natasha Harvey 10 muaj më parë
I love watching you. You have some cute kids. Please keep up the great work
Roy D Mathis
Roy D Mathis 10 muaj më parë
Jeff bring me into the next livestream..
Roy D Mathis
Roy D Mathis 10 muaj më parë
That is so very cool jeff
Roy D Mathis
Roy D Mathis 10 muaj më parë
I am here Jeff
stuart sullenbarger
stuart sullenbarger 10 muaj më parë
That machine is really cool Jeff
carol dygert
carol dygert 10 muaj më parë
Hey from Central Michigan
Jason Nelson
Jason Nelson 10 muaj më parë
HeavenHelpUs 10 muaj më parë
Call him T. Roll, or Trolley, or Snowflake, or S. J. Weiner (pronounced whiner), or T. R. Oley, or Oddnominous, or Trollman Canoli. Give him a pot belly, a weird body piercing, pants hanging down, and acne.
Catherine Bussell
Catherine Bussell 10 muaj më parë
Tanya Compton
Tanya Compton 10 muaj më parë
Turn one of Michael Jackson
Jason Yocum
Jason Yocum 10 muaj më parë
Make Popeye the sailer
Florida Boy. / California Man .
Hi ! Jeff and Matt , hope to see you Jeff in July in Nashville TN , but I'm born / from Florida . ☀️🕶️
Market Solution Services
Market Solution Services 10 muaj më parë
Whos decision was it to keep the ticket money from shows you cancled?
Mario Piazza`
Mario Piazza` 10 muaj më parë
Is it wax or is it plastic, can't be to strong if its wax
Kris E Kempton
Kris E Kempton 10 muaj më parë
They still have those wax mold machines at zoo's...not that I'm promoting zoo's.
Destructa 10 muaj më parë
I have seen one in a museum when i was in 5th grade but it made space shuttles
Paula Ewen
Paula Ewen 10 muaj më parë
Hello Jeff. Hi Matt
JoAndra Van Dowall
JoAndra Van Dowall 10 muaj më parë
Can't quite tell if the sauropod (lizard-foot) is a brachiosaurus or an apatosaurus. Love it all the same! Mind if I send you a roll of quarters for some of those? ;D
Carolyn Paul
Carolyn Paul 10 muaj më parë
This is her husband Chris we love going to see you hopefully you can get to Milwaukee again
Carolyn Paul
Carolyn Paul 10 muaj më parë
Carolyn Paul
Carolyn Paul 10 muaj më parë
Hi jeff
Otto Baron
Otto Baron 10 muaj më parë
When I was small, I went to the New York worlds fair in 1964, and Sinclair had full size Dinosaurs on display, and this machine was there, to allow you to make souvenirs. The one I used, could have been this very machine.
Hvymtl78 10 muaj më parë
Michael Clark
Michael Clark 10 muaj më parë
I want a dinosaur
TinkeringJohn 10 muaj më parë
My Grandparents took me to the 1967 World’s Fair in Montreal Canada. They had those wax molding machines there. There was one that made Mickey Mouse I gave to my sister (the mouse, not the machine LOL)
Mike Waters
Mike Waters 10 muaj më parë
Cornelius would make a great name for the troll dummy!
Donna Riley
Donna Riley 10 muaj më parë
How about corona Joe
Sara Roberts
Sara Roberts 10 muaj më parë
Self isolation SUUUCKS! But at least I have my husband.
brandie rance
brandie rance 10 muaj më parë
I love those survivors..my kids got one every place we went ..they need to bring them back ..good days ..lol
brook ciesiolka
brook ciesiolka 10 muaj më parë
gerry mott i could have used that very machine..i was at the worlds fair in ny when i was 9, now 61, grew up on long island, remember seeing its a small world for the first time. And i got one of the brontosaur wax figures, Sinclair gas had a whole section of dinosaurs ...it was awsome!
Marie Clark
Marie Clark 10 muaj më parë
That's super cool I love how you have a machine that makes a dinosaurs that's super cool I love watching your comedy you're hilarious you always make my day better👍👍👏👏
James Garcia
James Garcia 10 muaj më parë
I want one of those...not the machine
Sabrina Foster
Sabrina Foster 10 muaj më parë
You are so funny. I seriously needed a little cherry video..they put my state on lock down 💛😷 glad you are staying safe
Random Uploads
Random Uploads 10 muaj më parë
It was a pleasure finally seeing you live here in ft Myers couple weeks back. Marked it off my bucket list. It was pretty cool to be part of your new characters you introduced for the first time!
Anmie_fan 10 muaj më parë
I love to whatch peanut
Jorge L. Fernandez III
Jorge L. Fernandez III 10 muaj më parë
The Molding process is as easy as liquid plastic one at heart and she gets to the point where it’s really solid however there have been some that have Romain salt and I’ve seen kids squeezing too hard and break them apart easily ! I would like to see those that when I moved from Cuba I got to the United States ! Parents took me and my sister to places like the Miami zoo and the Miami Sequim and both places have those machines know when I moved out of Miami and came to live in Houston went to the Houston Zoo and they also had those machines at that time to matter fact I’m not her percent sure but I think they still have a couple of those machines still left in there but it’s like five dollars for one of those Wax figures ! Even in “Hollywood Beach”, Florida, they had ones that resembled MGM’s “Monsters” as you walk down the strip each store had a different one ! It was a really nice 3 miles of shops, stores, restaurants, “everything is on the left-hand side” as you’re walking north the ocean is on your right as you’re walking north on the Hollywood Beach sunset strip ! Not really know why all of a sudden I thought about it but I don’t know maybe there’s a message there ! 🌊🐺
Melissa Meloy
Melissa Meloy 10 muaj më parë
The San Antonio Zoo Had Those Hot Wax Figurine Makers Thru Out The Zoo In The Late 60's and Early 70's, They Would Make Zoo Animals Like Gorilla's, Lions And Elephants "Anyone Else Remember Those"?
Mary Robertson
Mary Robertson 10 muaj më parë
Zoo in Florida has them all over park
Shane Stephens
Shane Stephens 10 muaj më parë
the milwaukee zoo has those molds there $2 each
Charise Truax
Charise Truax 10 muaj më parë
It would be awesome if you did one of Walters wife
Merrily Gay Huff
Merrily Gay Huff 10 muaj më parë
Thanks Jeff. I can’t tell you how delighted I am to see you so fresh and vulnerable in this format. You are a real person! Hehe. Wow! This brings you closer to all of us. Thank you so much for the openness. I’m taken aback with your honesty and transparency. Bravo. (I clap in my living room when I watch your specials on TV! We laugh so hard!)
marion zasadil
marion zasadil 10 muaj më parë
The New York Worlds Fair was in 1964.
Puddin Tane
Puddin Tane 10 muaj më parë
When will you create a female character
Chuck Swiggum
Chuck Swiggum 10 muaj më parë
New character name should be Chuckles I watch you every night laugh my a-- off
Marisol Elizalde
Marisol Elizalde 10 muaj më parë
Hey hi
Hot Wheel man Raven
Hot Wheel man Raven 10 muaj më parë
Are Jeff just started watching this thing is cool I enjoy the dinosaur thing I is awesome in these trying times it's great that people like you that will get people good wholesome entertainment as we are all hunkered down I just wish to Nation would come more together Democrats Independents and Republicans and everybody just figured hey we got to get this world fixed but it's people like you that God has blessed I appreciate it keep your family safe and I will continue on watching
DanRage47 10 muaj më parë
Achmed's bored out of his skull, Peanut's lost his last shoe, José lost his stick, Bubba's out of beer, Sweet Daddy D can't pimp, Walter's stuck with his wife, and you're just normal.
Epic Fat Lip
Epic Fat Lip 10 muaj më parë
He would've actually lost his shoe that he once found
supermariojohn 10 muaj më parë
Sucks for you I am in NC
neta MOREFIELD 10 muaj më parë
Brookfield Zoo in Chicago has several of those for the animals. I still have a gorilla
Auddy Doe
Auddy Doe 10 muaj më parë
neta MOREFIELD sadly most of them have been removed, my cousin lives two blocks from there and has all of the animals
Andrew Cash
Andrew Cash 10 muaj më parë
you can make five dolls talk at once with out missing a beat but you are no match for a camera
Stefan Herns
Stefan Herns 10 muaj më parë
Thank You for sharing with US!
Shawn Cirignano
Shawn Cirignano 10 muaj më parë
I'm mentally ill, fortunately 4 me I don't suffer from mental illness, I enjoy it. LOL
Christia Fisher
Christia Fisher 10 muaj më parë
The flash dunk Racing
The flash dunk Racing 10 muaj më parë
There are 5 cases where I live yet we still can leave our house
Gwen Ammons
Gwen Ammons 10 muaj më parë
Hi sure this gwen from ohio can you make dog. Talk ing ?
Mary Ryder
Mary Ryder 10 muaj më parë
I remember those wax toy machines. Made a few in my day.
Epic Fat Lip
Epic Fat Lip 10 muaj më parë
When I saw the dummy at first, which was last week, I actually thought of Elmer Fudd instantly. Maybe he could be a very distant relative
Yvette-marie 10 muaj më parë
Come to Wisconsin they have them at both our zoos you have to hold it upside down to cool lol oh the. Childhood memories
David Stevens
David Stevens 10 muaj më parë
Back in 76, they had a hot injection mold in the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. It was one of the first things one encountered when doing a tour. The item I got was of white plastic, I don't remember what it was. It was still a quarter 7 years later. I think I got the Lincoln bust, one visit. It's operating under the name Mold-A-Rama.
Pamela Andres
Pamela Andres 10 muaj më parë
Uh oo you too.
Faqja Tjeter